Re: [unrev-II] Software funding by completion bonds

From: Lee Iverson (
Date: Wed Jul 25 2001 - 15:13:12 PDT

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    In message <>, Jack Park writes:
    >Found on slashdot:
    >"In their article "The Street Performer Protocol and Digital Copyrights"
    >(Kelsey and Schneier, 1999) suggest that copyright will become increasingly
    >difficult to enforce. They propose a general mechanism for funding digital
    >public works, the "Street Performer Protocol" in which authors produce
    >their work only after they receive enough contributions to make it worth
    >their while. In this article, I sketch out a proposal for the creation of a
    >software completion bond market. I think such a market would be a practical
    >implementation of the "Street Performer Protocol" for the funding of open
    >source software. I first describe how such a bond market might work, and
    >why I think the open source community needs a bond market. Then I examine
    >the underlying economics of open source software. Finally, I review some of
    >the existing and potential alternatives to a software completion bond market.

    Had just finished reading the article when your post showed up.
    It's a very good idea. Much better than that behind and
    SourceXChange. The best open source funding models so far are
    services-based, and these depend on existing software. Well worth the read.

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