Re: [unrev-II] Software funding by completion bonds

From: Grant Bowman (
Date: Sun Jul 29 2001 - 14:07:16 PDT

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    * Lee Iverson <> [010725 23:07]:
    > In message <>, Jack Park writes:
    > >Found on slashdot:
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    > >
    > > [...]
    > Had just finished reading the article when your post showed up.
    > It's a very good idea. Much better than that behind and
    > SourceXChange. The best open source funding models so far are
    > services-based, and these depend on existing software. Well worth the read.

    I agree, this idea has many advantages in distributing the workload and
    compensation in a unique way. SuSE is another example that services
    based models are difficult to execute well, but may be necessary during
    this growth phase as people are still learning what this kind of
    development really means to their businesses. I look forward to seeing
    an implemented software completion bond market.

    A challenge is the reinforcement of traditional development cycles which
    goes against the current trends toward Agile Software Development such as eXtreme Programming or Scrum,
    though any valid alternative should be tried. Perhaps as the market
    landscape adapts this bond model or the bidding model will take hold.

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