[unrev-II] Structural Computing

From: Jack Park (jackpark@thinkalong.com)
Date: Sat Aug 04 2001 - 19:32:50 PDT

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     From the sigWeb newsletter:
    "Structural computing asserts "the primacy of structure over data" and aims
    to develop a set of principles, techniques, and technology that can be used
    by developers as resources for developing applications in new domains"

    These folks make liberal use of the term "OHS"

    at http://www.daimi.au.dk/~pnuern/papers/diss/ we find an abstract for a
    dissertation on this topic:
    "There have been two distinct trends in hypermedia work over the last
    decade. One of these trends has concerned the construction of increasingly
    more powerful infrastructure for the support of open hypermedia navigation
    systems, while the other has concerned the application of hypermedia
    technologies and concepts to increasingly diverse domains. This
    dissertation concerns how these trends can be merged, resulting in a
    framework for design of powerful infrastructure for all of these diverse
    An examination of the domains to which hypermedia concepts have been
    applied yields an understanding of the common characteristics of these
    fields - namely, a reliance on general structure and general structural
    computation. A philosophy of computation is presented called structural
    computing that stresses the primacy of these concepts. Without such a
    philosophy, different structure-oriented domains are treated in terms of
    one particular example of such a domain - navigation - which in turn is
    treated as a special case of general data-oriented systems. Structure is
    seen as an ad hoc functionality to be added over data-oriented programs.
    Different structure-oriented domains are seen as special cases of
    navigational hypertext, with a corresponding confusion of basic terminologies.
    An analysis of the historical development of hypermedia systems leads to
    the conclusion that current open hypermedia systems can be modified in a
    straightforward way to support general structural computing applications.
    This is accomplished by opening the link server layer in traditional
    hypermedia architectures. The resultant generalized link server is called a
    structure processor (Sproc). Different Sprocs encapuslate tailoring and
    extension of the structure and structural computation models provided by
    the structure store of the system. These modifications can provided
    structure and structural computation models and abstractions designed to
    meet the needs of specific structural computing domains.
    A conceptual architecture for an environment to support structural
    computing (named HOSS) is presented. This architecture is divided into two
    parts. The operating system layer decribes the basic services available to
    all HOSS programs. The computing environment layer consists of an open set
    of programs that run address specific structural computing domains. A
    prototypic implementation of parts of the operating system layer of HOSS
    and of several example computing environment layer programs is described.
    The successful implementation of the operating system layer provides a
    proof of concept of the general structural computing environment
    architecture presented. The sample programs substantiate the claims that
    such an environment can support the design and implementation of a wide
    variety of structural computing programs. "

    Lots of papers at http://www.daimi.au.dk/~pnuern/papers/

    Papers from the First Workshop on Structural Computing are found at
    see also http://www.cs.aue.auc.dk/~pnuern/papers/sc1.final/sc1.final.html

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