[unrev-II] RE: Triana, a satellite we should launch

From: Frode Hegland (frode@liquidinformation.com)
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 04:18:55 PDT

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    >It is
    >my opinion that the satellite should be launched; given the opportunity to
    >provide a true global view of spaceship earth, it would seem that we need
    >to find a way to pressure the US government to launch Triana.
    I wholeheartedly agree. When I first read about this in New Scientist, I
    wrote them a readers letter:
    What is science but a sense of wonder about the world?
    Why should the most awesome view of the world be in the exclusive domain
    of well-funded fogies in white lab coats who can afford to "patch one
    together from existing satellites"?
    For the price of a couple of fighter planes, generations to come may
    behold a single, unified, beautiful pearl, illuminating, in the bleakness
    of outer space, our common world and our common future. An inspiration to
    all of humanity.
    Now that's what I call an investment.
    Frode Hegland
    From New Scientist magazine, vol 160 issue 2161, 21/11/1998, page 62
    Frode Hegland
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