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From: Peter Jones (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2001 - 08:56:13 PDT

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    I took some time out from unrevving to read David Bohm's book "Thought as a
    System" (TAAS). It just so happened that I'd ordered it just prior to Jack
    Park posting this message (below) a while back mentioning Bohm's "On

    Not having read On Dialogue, but having read the reviews of it on, I suspect (from reading TAAS) that On Dialogue is a superlative
    book. But if you want to find out the philosophical grounds for Bohm's
    concern with dialogue then read TAAS. Under the hood it's an eclectic
    synergy and extension of ideas from Schopenhauer, Heidegger, physics,
    medicine and more, all wrapped up in easy to understand explanation -- you
    don't need to have read the philosophers to get to grips with what Bohm

    I'm not going to be so bold as to say that I think Bohm has got it all right
    (as that would be to suggest that Bohm was aiming at that, which he
    expressly wasn't), but what he says strikes me as being of great importance.
    It's innovative and radical thinking and it should be entertained and
    considered at length.

    I would heartily recommend it (TAAS) to anyone concerned with the
    psychodynamics of collaboration (dialogue), or thinking about solutions to
    global/complex problems; anyone, that is, who believes that we need to get a
    good grip on the human psychological factor in group activity before
    anything can begin to get solved, and that unless we properly understand
    that factor we won't necessarily be building the right tools when we try.
    I hope Jeff Conklin has read this book, it speaks directly to IBIS.

    Prior to his death in 1992 David Bohm was an Emeritus Professor of
    Theoretical Physics, Birbeck
    College, University of London.


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    > Based on a post by Heiner Benking to OHS-DEV, I discovered a paper at
    > Enhancing the Quality of Email Dialog using Artificial Intelligence.
    > I found that paper (it's the top listing) at
    > which is a listing of papers and
    > reports on dialog and community.
    > That URL came from the paper Dialog Culture which was found at
    >, the
    > first paragraph of which is:
    > "When looking at Dialogue and David Bohm's work that discusses going
    > assumptions, isolation and interest, and towards an open sharing of ideas,
    > we learn that people increasingly get together only to present their own
    > ideas and to defend their views or projects. Bohm was very aware of the
    > need -- even in open and free (no format) meetings -- to find procedures
    > principles that will literally give people the "space" to talk and
    > especially to overcome ingrained habits and convictions which tend to bias
    > and hamper speakers (for more see: On Dialogue p 30). He was very aware of
    > how 'talkers' use words, protecting themselves by building walls of words
    > therefore mis-intentionally hindering the free flow of ideas that could
    > otherwise reinforce and encourage a participatory mode and mood. "
    > It appears that one could spend several weeks motoring around in the space
    > opened by Benking while comparing and contrasting all that to Jeff
    > Conklin's IBIS papers.
    > Cheers
    > Jack
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