Re: [unrev-II] Anyone know a GOOD mail list server??

From: Peter P. Yim (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2001 - 09:32:22 PDT

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    I believe the Yahoo!groups list server just sends stuff to the e-mail address of your choice on your account
    profile (it might default to the if you don't do anything). Looks like what you need (regarding
    yahoogroups) is to edit your profile (Yahoo! Account Information) to identify/select where you really want the
    messages to go.



    Eric Armstrong wrote Thu, 23 Aug 2001 15:24:40 -0700 :

    > Ok. I tried. And tried, and tried. > > I set up a mailing list on Yahoo groups thinking, "how hard > could it be?" The answer has turned out to be "damn near > impossible". (If anyone has any alternatives to offer, I > would be glad to hear of them. Or, if anyone is thinking of > following in my footsteps, the remainder of this message > might help you avoid the pitfalls I fell into.) > > Oh, it was easy enough to set up the group. But becoming > *part* of it is another matter. Herewith, a small litany > of the issues: > * The help documents talk about "primary" and "alternate" > email addresses. But there are no fields labeled > "primary address" anywhere -- only "alternate addresses". > > * It turns out that any address other than a yahoo email > account is considered an "alternate" email address. > > * So, attempting to use the "alternate" address as the > home address, and counting on the primary address as > being your work address, for example, simply doesn't > work. > > * It therefore appears that you need to sign up twice at > Yahoo -- once from your own address, and once frok your > work address. > > * Having created the work, I then found I couldn't send > a message to it! That may have been because I had set > my "alternate" address to my home address? Not sure. > > * To be able to send to the list, I had to send myself > and invitation to join, and reply to it. > > * But now, having joined as a subscriber, I now got two > copies of my post -- one to myself as owner, and another > to myself as subscriber. > > * So I deleted myself as subscriber. I was sort of hoping > that, having "broken the ice", I would now be able to > send. But no such luck. > > * The only remaining option, it appears, is to add myself > back as a subscriber, give my subscriber-self all of the > admin options possible, and delete my owner-self. > > * At the moment, I'm trying to do that. Only it appears > that attempts to send myself an invitation no longer > work, probably as a result of having deleted myself! > > God, what a nightmare. > > Finally, I have received no response whatever from Yahoo > to any messages I have sent, other than the very first. (At > this point I've sent a round half-dozen or so.) > > In short, the mailing list mechanism appears to be powerful, > but it is far from intuitive, and their ability to respond > appears to be painfully underwhelming. > > > Community email addresses: > Post message: > Subscribe: > Unsubscribe: > List owner: > > Shortcut URL to this page: > > > Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to

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