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From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Sat Sep 08 2001 - 11:44:03 PDT

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    I especially like the following paragraph about the importance of key
    technologies being developmented in the SHOE/On-To-Knowledge projects

    "The development of ontologies is seen as central in all of these
    efforts (they are mentioned as key technologies in all of the
    aforementioned Web-pages). Ontologies are meta-data, providing a
    controlled vocabulary of terms, each with an explicitly defined and
    machine processable semantics. By defining shared and common domain
    theories, ontologies help both people and machines to communicate more
    effectively. They will therefore have a crucial role in enabling
    content-based access, interoperability and communication across the Web.
    Examples of the use of ontologies to support content-based access and
    interoperability can already
    be seen in e.g., the American SHOE project 4 [5], in which HTML is being
    extended with ontology based semantic markup codes, and the European
    IST-project On-To-Knowledge 5 [4], in which ontologies are being used to
    facilitate access to large intranets."


    comments made over a year-ago regarding my suggestions made in an e-mail
    (given below) about the revelance of SHOE/On-To-Knowledge projects
    relative to Jack and Howard's onto-centric approach for designing the
    OHS/DKR program.

    > Subject: Re: Viewer Engine
    > Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 22:30:30 -0700 (PDT)
    > From: Eugene Eric Kim
    > Reply-To:
    > To:
    > On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, John J. Deneen wrote:
    > > So in regards to the "viewing engine", SHOE is a small extension to HTML which
    > > allows web page authors to annotate their web documents with machine-readable
    > > knowledge. SHOE makes real intelligent agent software on the web possible.
    > Just to keep things clear, the "viewing engine" is a human viewing
    > engine. As has been mentioned before, metacontent is an important aspect
    > of the system, and SHOE may very well be an integral part of how we do
    > that. Additionally, metacontent could certainly affect different
    > views. And we certainly want to make sure that machines can view our
    > data, just as humans, although I suspect that we can just send machines
    > raw XML rather than put it through any transformation. However, for the
    > immediate purposes of designing the first version of the viewing engine, I
    > don't think SHOE holds much relevance.
    > -Eugene
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    Alex Shapiro wrote:

    > Jack,
    > Have you heard of Frank van Harmelen?
    > He is of the editors of the DAML+OIL specification.
    > I especially like him for this paper:
    > --Alex
    > At 10:11 PM 9/7/01 -0700, you wrote:
    >> While looking hard at DAML/OIL as the candidate detailed knowledge
    >> representation scheme for Nexist, I have run into numerous very
    >> interesting
    >> web pages. This is one such page, all starting by surfing from
    >> "Community web portals serve as portals for the information needs of
    >> particular communities on the web. We here discuss how a
    >> comprehensive and
    >> flexible strategy for building and maintaining a high-value
    >> community web
    >> portal has been conceived and implemented. The strategy includes
    >> collaborative information provisioning by the community members. It
    >> is
    >> based on an ontology as a semantic backbone for accessing
    >> information on
    >> the portal, for contributing information, as well as for developing
    >> and
    >> maintaining the portal. We have also implemented a set of
    >> ontology-based
    >> tools that have facilitated the construction of our show case - the
    >> community web portal of the knowledge acquisition community."
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