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From: Gil Regev (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 00:38:21 PDT

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    Jack, Alex,

    In my concept mapping applet I have a lot of the code that you are adding to
    TouchGraph. Nodes can be painted in different colors, links can be named. It
    reads the node and link structure from a URL that is given to it by the
    hosting html page. The URL returns an XML file which the applet parses.
    Nodes can contain other nodes. Nodes and links can have URL attachments.
    Post-it notes can be added to nodes and links and act as small chat rooms
    since all users can add in their comments.

    The applet and server form a collaborative platform so that users see in
    slightly delayed real time what others are doing, who is logged in etc.
    There's also a search mechanism.

    I don't have the lens and zoom capabilities which I always wanted to add.

    The code is too tangled though and in bad need of refactoring which is why i
    never dared propose it as open source but a merge with TouchGraph could be

    Check it out at

    login: Bootstrap
    password: Bootstrap

    Fire up the AWT version, it's faster and has most of the features. The user
    manual link is broken because the applet's capabilities evolved faster than
    I could update the manual.

    It runs fine on Windows machines. On Linux and Mac it's not as good even
    though the code is pure Java.

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      Subject: [unrev-II] More TouchGraph2

      Got to playing around with TopicMap like structures. Results at

      Decided to post the source code in its present state

      Nodes now paint themselves.
      Nodes now have a shell of a NodePropertySheet, which has a shell of a
      PropertySheetEditor dialog.
      None of that is wired yet.

      There is no first node on boot.
      There is no drag to add a node. Drag only adds edges.
      All nodes are added by right click of the mouse.

      What's needed now:
            fiddle with node placement -- right now, drop a node on the canvas
    and it
      wanders off screen and you have to scroll around to find it.
            make edges paint themselves and allow them to have colors (a color

      Looking at the tgLivingThing gif, one can begin to make the case that
      Bernard did earlier: rollover popup of edge properties. That's tricky,
      particularly with the curved edges -- will be tricky (methinks) to figure
      out the bounding box for mouse detection. Worth a try, however.

      Now, we can begin to write an XML import/export routine for it. My plan
      to grab the XTM import/export I already have, and, perhaps, my
      persistentXTM system as well (saves to RDBMS).

      Lots to think about.

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