Re: [unrev-II] More TouchGraph2

From: Jack Park (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 06:36:55 PDT

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    How soon you gonna add that code?

    At 01:55 AM 9/11/2001 -0400, you wrote:

    > >
    > >Looking at the tgLivingThing gif, one can begin to make the case that
    > >Bernard did earlier: rollover popup of edge properties. That's tricky,
    > >particularly with the curved edges -- will be tricky (methinks) to figure
    > >out the bounding box for mouse detection. Worth a try, however.
    >Nah-hah, that's the cool part. Curved edges do not pause a problem, and
    >you know why? Because in terms of real coordinates, the edges are not
    >curved. They just appear curved because they are warped by lenses.
    >A formula for computing the distance from point (P) to a line (L) is
    >simple, and it is also simple to find the point where a perpendicular line
    >from P to L would cross L. So now, the only tricky part is converting back
    >to visual coordinates, and determining when P is close enough to <P
    >intersect L> to warrant an edge over trigger.
    >Neat huh? And I guess that this feature can be implemented right now. For
    >some reason, before, I thought that it would have to wait for edges to
    >belong to nodes, rather then be out on their own. The other cool thing, is
    >that once edges have mouse-over sensing, then one can implement all kinds
    >of interfaces to manipulate them.... Drag from an edge to a node to switch
    >endpoint? A scrollbar to change edge tension? Lots of things.
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