Re: [unrev-II] Semantic Community Web Portal

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2001 - 15:41:49 PDT

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    Alex Shapiro wrote:

    > I hope I am not getting close to any such notions. At least if this:
    > is what you mean. Well, maybe the
    > world
    > isn't ready yet for my grand vision of the future. That's why I'll
    > just
    > keep working on the practical present.

    Hmm. Apparently I've missed something by being out of touch so long.
    Is there a description of your grand vision, somewhere??

    Interesting notes for user-interface folks:
      * In the interests of actually getting something done, I set up a
    filter that
         automatically moved unrev messages into my Bootstrap folder.

      * Results:
           a) That folder ballooned with ton-o-messages
           b) I kept putting off that folder, "until I had time", which
    never seemed
               to materialize.

      * The company just moved its offices, and the filters turn out to have

         been stored on the server. In my new location, with a new server,
         I lost all of the filters I had created.

      * Results:
         a) All unrev messages are in my inbox
         b) I choose which ones I want to save. Others get killed.
         c) I find myself responding to many.

    The advantages of inbox. It's not just a matter of being too lazy to go
    to an external website to see if anything interesting happened. I
    even go to an internal *folder*.

    Interestingly, the *more* active the list, the less inclined I was to
    visit it.
    If there was only one or two messages, then sure, no problem, I'd go
    look. But when there was 20, I put it off for a day. Another 15
    Put it off some more. Pretty soon, I hadn't looked at the accumulated
    messages for a couple of months. At that point, I was pretty well "out
    it". The chances of catching up were minimal.

    Now, one *really* interesting observation is that the system Eugene has
    developing may well have held the key for helping me catch up. More on
    that a little later, when I've had a chance to digest what he showed us
    today, and the verbiage springs into my head...

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