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From: Natalie Vania (
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 09:52:51 PDT

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    Dear Flavio/Engelbarters,

    Responding to Flavio's input,

    >... ... There has been a virtual economy going on,
    > >moved by speculators, which cannot stop. If it does, and it has partially
    > >happened this last few days, the hole (not the whole) appears. There is a
    > >design problem to be solved. In my humble opinion, it is not a matter of
    > >discerning war from peace (or evil from good), but of understanding the
    > >origins of non-peace, which overwhelms the virgin, creative side of each of
    > >us. From my own experience dealing with different peoples in Brazil and
    > >abroad for many years, I have found out that there is very little evil on
    > >this planet. I mean evil people. ... ...
    > >Flavio Mesquita da Silva
    > >MA. Whole Systems Design
    > >

    On the global financial structure's design problem, would it help to have
    the Fed replaced by computer, redundant information/communications
    networks, and schemes for localized emergency fallback protection (such as,
    a decisive percentage of local endangered economies immediately and
    transparently switching to transacting with e-gold during a crisis)?

    I too believe human nature does not have intrinsic evil, only flaws or
    perversions of capacities initially inclined towards goodness, a view put
    forth in strong and beautifully touching terms by, for one, the ancient
    Chinese Philosopher, Mencius.

    Natalie Vania

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