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From: Frode Hegland (frode@liquidinformation.com)
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 09:40:51 PDT

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    I am in the process of putting together a take-home package for important
    people Doug needs to interact with. AND I NEED YOUR HELP.
    The take-home package will include a CD with all the public papers from
    Doug as well as digests of those papers. The CD will also include
    HyperScope demos and some OHS slideshows.
    In addition to the CD there will be an audio tape (or we’ll do this on
    the CD as well) of an audio interview with Doug and a bunch of people.
    This is intended for people to listen to while driving etc. as if it was
    a book on tape. Having listened to Doug I know his voice is more
    compelling than words on a page, something which I’m sure most people
    will agree to. Have a look at http://www.liquid.org/glossary/index.html
    for what we did first time around with audio.
    Maybe most importantly though, there will also be a couple of printed
    sheets of paper covering topics Doug deems important and a teaser
    document which is intended to get the reader turned on to using an OHS.
    All this is designed to make it easy to get into the excitement of what
    needs to be done to build an OHS.
    So I desperately need more examples for the following document,
    especially towards the end where it gets very skinny on collaboration
    etc. Also need list of topics and important point Doug should cover.
    Thanks for helping. I really think it will be useful for Doug to have
    something tangible to hand out to busy but important people.
        Augment~OHS in use : Thought Processing vs. Word processing.
    Imagine being handed a thick document on told you have to understand it
    all in less time than you’d like. No, actually, you probably don’t have
    to imagine, you probably have this happen pretty often.
    You study it as well as you can, trying to get an overview from the
    chapter headings, thumbing through the index to get to grips with
    concepts by locating the same word all over the document. Maybe you’ve
    read an acronym and forgotten what it means and had to go back to that
    index to find the first page it occurred on. There will be a lot of
    to-ing and fro-ing as you wrestle with the content of the document. It
    won’t be a simple straight read-through like a cheap paperback thriller.
    Maybe you were lucky enough to have access to someone who had read the
    document before or understands the subject it covers anyway. You could
    ask questions and expect to be presented with the information in any way
    you requested. Maybe. Maybe not.
    Or maybe you are lucky enough to be accessing the document through
    With Augment/OHS you can expand and collapse the document as you see fit
    and see it in as many windows as you like. Outlines will be generated
    dynamically as you specify how deep each window is to show. So one window
    could show chapter headings. Another the first line of ever paragraph to
    allow you to skim through the chapter.
    You can quickly and easily command that you will only see paragraphs
    which include a certain word. Then you might want to see a list of
    effects of a certain word. Because Augment/OHS uses Smart Words™ and
    understands grammar.
    You can effortlessly request a list of effects of “global warming” and
    expect the document to be scoured for adjectives and verbs which relate
    grammatically to ‘global warming”. Pretty neat. Pretty powerful.
    Sentences can be color coded as you see fit. Maybe you’d like all verbs
    in blue. Maybe not.
    Maybe the document is very technical and includes a glossary with local
    definitions of words, terms and acronyms. These become accessible as
    through a menu pop-up on the words and terms themselves on the page. But
    then, you can’t rely on everyone diligently including a glossary.
    Therefore you can refer to an external, relevant glossary. Additionally,
    you can quickly jump to the first occurrence of a word, which will often
    have a definition attached as it is introduced.
    Maybe the document has a cast of characters you need to understand the
    relationship of. You can easily generate a list of all names and have the
    list attach descriptors and relationships as well and links and excerpts
    to where they appear in the text. Useful whether the characters are
    people or widgets. or technical terms.
    You can just as easily have lists generated on the effects of a specific
    term. Or vice versa. The power of Smart Words™ strikes again.
    You may have to find external links which relate to a specific term, but
    you cannot rely on the term being included in the link. No problem. Just
    specify that you’d like all sentences which include the term (or all
    paragraphs if you think that’s better) and any Hypertext link. You see
    the power and flexibility here?
    You may then have to write a report on what you have learn. You will then
    have all the control of how your document is displayed to you as the one
    you just worked on. You will be able to issue commands like ‘transpose
    these two elements’, not just copy and paste.
    You can insert sections from the other document and the sections will be
    pasted with a reference and link to where it came from. Not just what
    page, exactly where, down to the paragraph to sentence. This will be a
    two-way link so you can easily see what documents link to the document.
    Chances are you don’t work alone so you may want to have colleagues look
    over the work. Maybe they are independently working on documents which
    you will need to append to your document. Maybe they won’t read your
    document but you’ll have a dialogue on the subject.
    When you are done, you can email your masterpiece to a Journal where it
    will forever remain accessible to the right people and who won’t have to
    worry about it being edited and changed. It can’t be. Any future edits
    will add a version number.
    And all of this through the simplicity and power of three things:
    objects, commands and modifiers. You communicate as flexibly with your
    information, through your computer environment, as you do with other
    NOTE: This article is not a comprehensive look at Augment/NLS
    capabilities, nor a specification for OHS (Open Hyperdocument System). It
    features select capabilities as well as previews of what Augment/NLS is
    not currently capable of, but will be achievable with OHS, including
    Smart Words™
    © 2001 The Bootstrap Institute
    Authors: Doug Engelbart & Frode Hegland
    Frode Hegland
    The Liquid Information Company
    UK: (44) 777 953 3856
    US: (1) 877 239 1010

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