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    From the links given on the ThoughtStream web site for similar program and projects, I found the following especially

    Axon Idea Processor: based on Charles Peirce
    The Axon Idea Processor is a Windows program for generating and organizing ideas, concept mapping, and creative writing. Axon
    combines Prolog and Object-oriented technology to create a powerful tool for thinkers.
    < >

    The Users Group is at:
    < >
    < >

    An Idea Visualization Tool
    The Axon Idea Processor is a sketchpad for visualizing and organizing ideas. The Idea Processor exploits visual attributes such
    as: color, shape, size, scale, position, depth, shadow, link, icon, etc. Visual cues facilitate recall, association, and
    discovery. Diagrams help you to model and solve complex problems. Visualization reinforces your short term memory.

       * Using Axon's Analyzer, you can see at a glance the structure of a paragragh, the idea in each sentence, the number of
         clauses, the flow of ideas, etc.
       * Impressive 3-dimensional capability enables large amounts of information to be shown on one screen. Each file can have up
         to 500 levels.
       * Axon is the best Concept Mapping tool in town. Concept Maps help you to learn, explore, and organize your thoughts. In a
         Concept Map, nodes represent concepts and links represent relations.
       * Map your mind and get the Big Picture. Axon allows you to draw Mind Maps(tm) that exploits both your "left and right
         brain". An Axon Object correspondsto a Key Recall Word. You can even draw Mind Maps in 3-D.
       * More screen shots < >

    Towards Higher Abstractions
    Ideas and diagrams are the basic abstractions of the Axon Idea Processor. Ideas are shown as graphical objects and its
    relationship shown as links. You get the big picture at all times, and details can be hidden from view.

    Advanced Functions
    Axon Plus enables you to solve decision trees and critical path problems, evaluate expressions, plot graphs and simulate logic
    circuits. Axon Plus also supports DDE. The network version of Axon Plus supports file sharing and interactive chat.
    < >

       * Decision trees can be solved in real-time. In this tree, events are denoted by ellipses, decisions are denoted by diamonds.
         Probability is assigned to Links. The nodes in this tree contain functions like weighted-sum() and minimum().

       * In this Exclusive OR circuit, the logic gates (AND, OR, NOT) are represented by nodes having corresponding (and(), or(),
         not()) functions. A link becomes a wire conductor.

       * Spreadsheet-like simulation is easy, as each Axon Object behaves like a floating spreadsheet cell. In this example, the
         Meter (smart icon) is used to display computed ratios. You can also create 3-D spreadsheets.

       * Critical Path problems are solved in real-time. Axon automatically generates the corresponding Gantt Charts.

    Main Features
    Impressive, 3-D, 500-level workspace Fast file load and save, and small file size Axon objects specially designed for idea
    processing Actions can be associated with each object Support hierarchical and network structures A unique Checklist Management
    System Generate ideas using the Idea Generator Generate Questions and Random Words Background patterns, textures, and clipart
    Integrated drawing tools and icon library Support hypertext and rich text Text analysis functions e.g. abstracts and statistics
    Export to HTML, plain text, and rich text Slideshow presentation features Spell check and customizable dictionary Quick tour,
    tutorial and teachers' guide

    How you will Benefit

       * The Axon Idea Processor helps you to set goals, generate, organize and analyze your ideas.
       * Work with ideas & concepts rather than words.
       * See the Big Picture and not get lost in details
       * Analyze and solve more complex problems
       * Improve your memory and recall
       * Stimulate creativity and discovery
       * Facilitate knowledge capture and transfer
       * Effectively amplify your mental potential
       * Focus attention and minimize distractions
       * Reduce mental fatigue and writers' blocks
       * See relationship from different perspectives

    Axon Idea Processor Related Sites
    < >

    PAO-Thinking: Tools, Techniques, Concepts and Applications by Dr. Rodney King (must read!).
    < >

    Mind Transformations
    < >

    "Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of how we do things, how we think, process information and how we behave ~
    which ultimately decides the kind of results we get.

    It is not about how people have problems. It is about how people solve their problems. It is simply about using what works and
    not using what doesn’t.

    NLP is a revolutionary approach to human inter & intra communication and human potential development. It is based on the
    startling discovery that by changing how you think, you can reconstruct what you think, and that influences your feelings,
    behavior and eventually the results that you get. NLP literally "reprograms" your mind and thus your life – for improved
    learning, better relationships and higher achievement."

    Peirce, Ch. S, Collected Papers & Published Works
    < >

    Diagrammatic Signs, Electronic Media and Semiotics - a discourse on semiotics using Axon, by Auke van Breemen.
    < >

    "Peirce trusted diagrammatic representations as thinking aids. He developed the system of Existential graphs, an alternative for
    algebraic representations of logic, and called it his chef d'oeuvre (Ms L230, in: Roberts, 1973, p. 110). The system did not
    many adherents, which is easy to understand when you look at it from the position of an author or printer.

    The existence of systems like that of the Existential Graphs and of course Frege's Begriffschrift justifies the conclusion that
    long before the advent of electricity as a carrier of data, diagrammatic representations of logic and of concept clusters were
    use. An important difference however between then and now consists in the easy with which diagrammatic representations can be
    made and distributed.

    Nowadays it is easier than ever before to represent thinking in an objective way instead of making in the imagination or on
    scribbling paper a representation that is only of value for individual use. This makes it possible to bring individual thinking
    to a higher level.

    The changes in the semioticians field of research generate tools that may improve research. Semioticians live in more than one
    respect in interesting times. "

    "John J. Deneen" wrote:

    > ThoughtStream by
    > < >
    > < >
    > "ThoughtStream is a program that allows you to store information and
    > organize it the way your mind works -- by associations or links between
    > ideas. It can be used as a general-purpose database of facts (semantic
    > network), designed for the easy retrieval and exchange of information.
    > Development of a desktop version is still in progress. It will run on MS
    > Windows and Un*x using wxPython. Snapshots are available now.
    > ThoughtStream is Open Source Software under the GNU GPL."
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