Re: [unrev-II] IBIS-like way of marking up email

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Fri Sep 28 2001 - 14:17:51 PDT

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    Alex Shapiro wrote:

    > IBIS-like way of marking up email
    > Check it out. I believe that this is just a picture, but I could
    > imagine
    > how something like this could be brought to life.

    Yes. This is stuff that Ping has been working on for some time. About
    a year ago, I was having meetings with several of the ex-Crit group,
    where we focused on requirements for structured, interactive dialog
    that was interleaved in exactly the way you see here.

    If I recall correctly, Ping had independently discerned that this was
    probably the most useful way to show message-interactions. I remember
    enouraging him, and I may have had something to do with making sure
    that attributions are visible -- but its difficult to recall the

    I do recall exposing them to the IBIS methodology, and I'm quite happy
    to see it implemented here. The icons are all Ping's, as was the idea of

    putting symbols in square brackets in the text version. (We can thank
    Jack for introducing it to us originally, which is how I was able to
    cross-fertilize it to the crit group.)

    I have to admit that he has done outstanding things with the concepts.
    What I would like to see, eventually, is a purple-number based version
    of the hierarchy on the left that you interact with directly, replacing
    text-based email on the right, instead of being derived from it.

    But for the moment, his end-product is both useful and a tremendous
    demonstration of a conversation *should* be viewed, in my mind. (imm?)

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