Re: [unrev-II] Recommendations??

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 13:16:10 PDT

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    Jack Park wrote:

    > Eric A:
    > You've posted, what? Dozens? Maybe more than that. I, too, have
    > lost track.

    (Laugh.) Yeah, I've posted a couple. Mostly design sketches. Over time,
    initial flurry of ideas converged on a more-or-less consistent view of
    (or at least I like to think so).

    > ....
    > It turns out that collective information filtering is not
    > easy, is never going to be easy...I surf the web at a furious rate,
    > snagging ideas that I think my
    > friends at unrev will find interesting, and I blast off a post to this
    > list, complete with a URL and some level of teaser information
    > intended to catch those eyes that are ready to be caught, and
    > permanently record a URL I thought interesting...

    All valuable contributions. It is a good and important source of "raw
    data" that has
    brought to light many technologies and methods I would otherwise
    scarcely be
    aware of.

    But as you indicate, there is a huge difference between a discussion
    archive and
    a browsable document. How does one become the other. It starts with one
    of the
    core concepts of NLS -- the distinction between the journal/log and the
    that refer to it and build on it.

    It requires the purple number scheme which NLS defined to allow granular

    addressing. But to that we add categories/topics, and the ability to
    "documents" dynamically by searching based on categories, and sorting
    on ratings.

    Then, when a URL comes in, it becomes possible to compare and contrast
    to other things that share the same categorization. With combinations,
    can put together a proposal that says we can build such a things using
    "Mailing List Manager M, Addressing Mechansim A, HTML-page generator H,
    and Search Tool S".

    People can talk about that solution for a bit, evaluate it, and consider
    mailing list managers or addressing mechanisms to create a variation of
    proposal, or they can come up with entirely new alternatives to the
    that live in the "uber-tool" category that the proposal falls in.

    Admitedly, this is a recursive problem. We're talking about the kind of
    we need to make sense out of the possible components we have for
    the system we need...

    As a result, I do find myself experiencing the same frustration that the
    undoubtedly lives with -- we know the answer is in there somewhere, but
    our chances of finding it are negligible.

    What I find most interesting, in this respect, is that system we need to
    the "putting it together" design problem may be exactly what the
    community needs to solve the "putting it together"

    And therein might well lie a plausible avenue to funding...

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