[unrev-II] Cascading Effects?

From: David Kankiewicz (david@tsri.org)
Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 15:44:09 PDT

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    One aspect I haven't seen discussed in the archives (Did I
    overlook it?) is the benefits to potential cost ratio associated with
    implementing a massively enhanced DKR (Augmenting Human
    Intellect). Or, to put it in terms of Unrev, the "solving those
    critical problems" to "increased efficiency might reduce jobs and
    cause bigger problems " perspective. Does anyone have any
    thoughts, links, or insights on these subjects?

    To put it bluntly, I'm in a loop over whether or not an Augmentor
    "call it what you want" (a complete Human-to-computer
    interface for knowledge, simulation, and thinking enhancement)
    would have a major impack on the IP related industries. And,
    whether this would be acceptable or dangerous? How
    secure/restricted should access to a massive knowledge base
    be? In the wrong hands it could provide critical knowledge about
    national defenses (or, atleast, weapons, etc.) and how to
    circumvent them, etc.

    Back to industry related effects, it could decimate the numbers
    of workers needed in the software, design (anything), and some
    science fields (basically, efficiency goes through the roof). Or, if
    shorting the masses out for only a small number of humans
    (maybe it'll be too expansive?), it might hardly have an impack

    Does everyone need to evolve at technology's pace of progress?
    How far does humanity have to go until its in natural balance of
    power, growth, knowledge, governments (control), culture,
    nature, etc., which might eliminate most acts of violence, crime,
    terrorism, etc.???

    I'm honestly stumped, I can't decide if humanity is ready to face
    the truly equal distribution of knowledge to every person on this
    planet? Can anybody answer that question? Should we find out
    by trying???

    All I can be certain of is that we're in the unfinished revolution!

    Take care,
    David Kankiewicz

    P.S. I am just taking some time to consider the consequences
    before deciding whether to provide my ideas and specs for
    OHS/DKRs, augmentation, etc...

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