[unrev-II] What Now - Intelligence?

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 10:16:53 PDT

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    Your letter today proposes a discussion on "intelligence," from a military
    perspective, flowing from terrorist attacks on 010911 that exposed weaknesses in
    our ability to perform analysis that "connects the dots" to enable proactive
    action. We have plenty of information, but not enough "knowledge" to take
    effective action. This implies an important point about the character of
    knowledge that stumps developers in creating useful technology. Knowledge is a
    bridge between information and action, i.e., doing things. We get information,
    but we need knowledge to act.
    How do we get from information to knowledge?

    This has equal application to education, which Nexist is addressing, and in the
    business community where Doug Engelbart proposes better handling of daily
    working information.....


    Educators, students, military leaders, business leaders, engineers, all of us,
    wrestle with handling daily working information by adding intelligence to create
    useful knowledge for taking timely, effective action.

    On 000120 the OHS/DKR team considered defining knowledge for building stronger
    "intelligence" capability called out in your letter today.....


    On 000307 Doug Engelbart requested work on defining "knowledge".....


    This was still pending on 000407 when ideas were requested to guide work on
    creating an OHS/DKR.....


    On 000503 you encouraged the team to take up this pending issue....


    On 010911 we were reminded again the discussion is still pending to define
    "intelligence" that differentiates information from knowledge for learning in
    school, taking proactive action on the job, and standing watch in the military.

    We ignore fundamentals only at great peril, because problems that ignorance,
    fear and denial breed escalate into loss, conflict, crisis and calamity.

    Thanks for another timely reminder.


    Jack Park wrote:
    > http://www.edge.org/documents/whatnow.html
    > An excerpt:
    > The ever-counterintuitive Kevin Kelly, during a telephone conversation,
    > explained to me his idea that this is not a hi-tech war at all but that the
    > entire operation was low-tech (plastic knives, box cutters, etc.). No spy
    > satellites for these guys, and no possibility than an $80 billion
    > expenditure on a star wars defense would have had any deterrent effect
    > whatsoever.
    > I wrote the following to the list: "I believe that the Edge community can
    > mount a serious conversation about the catastrophic events of the past week
    > that might do some good. Within the community is invaluable expertise in
    > many pertinent areas, not to mention the intelligence that the "Edgies" can
    > bring to the subjects. I am interested "hard-edge" comments, derived from
    > empirical results or experience specific to the expertise of the
    > participant. Edge is not the proper venue for people to vent their
    > justified rage at the acts of terrorism, displeasure with the
    > administration, U.S. Mid-East policies, etc. But it is the right venue for
    > an informed, intelligent commentary."
    > "So how about a new Edge question: WHAT NOW?"
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