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From: blincoln (blincoln@ssesco.com)
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 21:13:49 PDT

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    >"The patent in question is number 5,850,518, otherwise known simply as 518.
    >It was filed on December 12, 1994, when the world wide web was just a wee
    >bairn and Mosaic was still a primitive and before there was much in the way
    >of prior art on such widgetry.

    umm, december 1994? "since the web didn't exist outside of research circles" ?
    What planet were they living on in 1994? Perhaps the author was 9 years old
    at the time? Oh, thats right 9 year olds were making web pages in 1994.
    mid-1994 was the when AOL launched itself and all of its rabble onto the net, the
    web, and usenet.

    While the web was nothing like it is today, it was certainly a functioning
    technology that was becoming omnipresent. I did my first corporate website
    in early 94 (i can still remember the extremely ugly clip art we chose).
    Gopher, mail, news, ftp, irc, all manner of remote networked processing,
    heterogenous network processing, etc all might fit
    under the extremely vague description given.

    I read the URL but I'm not very clear what his patent claims. If
    it claims to cover things like web browsers, it was filed several years
    too late.


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