[unrev-II] Wide as the Waters and Autonomic Computing

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Tue Oct 16 2001 - 22:05:33 PDT

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    Thanks for notice in your letter this evening, per below, explaining a new
    computer initiative, evidently encouraged by IBM, and explained as "not that far
    from Doug's evolving OHS/DKR."

    I spoke to Doug a few days ago and to Pat Lincoln at SRI yesterday about steps
    to advance OHS/DKR. One idea that emerged is citing specific language in Doug's
    work product to maintain alignment with objectives. For example, on 001025 Doug
    requested that the OHS/DKR team cite specific language in the Launch Plan and
    provide a link to expedite review.....


    Thus, proposing another project is "...not that far from Doug's evolving
    OHS/DKR," can save a lot time by pointing to something in the Launch Plan or
    some other source that sets the scope of OHS/DKR, possibly the record of
    meetings at SRI, or to Lee's NODAL, Eric's specs, or Jack's Nexist, and then
    show where these align with Doug's missino, vision, or something in the record.
    Without alignment, the ship will reach port only after the most arduous journey,
    most often not the planned destination, and sometimes simply wander in circles
    forever. Eugene Kim explained how to do this in his letter maybe a year ago,
    but I've forgotten exactly. Maybe he can remind us.

    "Wide as the Waters" is a new book on the history of translating the Bible into
    English over an approximate 200 year period somewhere about 1500, I think.
    Scholars, historians and social scientists view this achievement as a big step
    in the march of civilization because it introduced a big change in the culture
    that enabled people to read and thereby interpret the Bible directly, rather
    than through the filter of expert clergy fluent in Latin. This set in motion a
    dynamic of encouraging reading on a broader scale, encouraged people to think
    for themselves, and increased the demand for books, magazines, correspondence,
    etc., that spread the power of the alphabetic mind, reviewed on 991108.....


    ....throughout the world; hence, the title "Wide as the Waters."

    On 001025 Doug proposed launching a new dynamic to take another big step in the
    march of civilization. As we know, in order for a march to succeed, the
    soldiers have to step in the right direction. Alignment is the process of
    heading in the right direction.

    Of course sometimes there isn't enough time to look up the archives, so it seems
    fast and easy to fudge on following Doug's request for traceability to original
    sources. Recall, however, that Eric Armstrong warned on 000424 that the time
    saved in the moment is lost many times over in re-doing again and again (going
    in circles) what has been previously figured out.....


    Following Eric's lead, progress on OHS/DKR may be aided by following Doug's
    request to align references to OHS/DKR with specific criteria, when time
    permits. As with the prior experience showing civilization flourished when
    people gained direct acess to quote the original text, quoting Doug directly as
    the "bible" on OHS/DKR may save a lot of time in reaching our destination, and
    spreading Doug's word "....wide as the waters."



    Jack Park wrote:
    > http://slashdot.org/articles/01/10/16/1314226.shtml
    > "The New York Times has a story today about Autonomic Computing, which is
    > described as "a biological metaphor suggesting a systemic approach to
    > attaining a higher level of automation in computing;" and they published a
    > paper (pdf) on the topic. Apparently there are already some universities
    > signed up on Autonomic Computing projects, more info was available on the
    > website and in the nyt article. It also appeared in CNET."
    > Autonomic Computing is a new initiative from IBM. It's not all that new,
    > however. The idea is to build systems that, modeled after the autonomic
    > nervous system, take care of all the details, have an immune system, and so
    > forth. Not all that far from Doug's evolving OHS/DKR.
    > It's not all that new an idea, but IBM is pushing it.
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