[unrev-II] Lucid Thinking

From: Rod Welch (rowelch@attglobal.net)
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 00:17:09 PST

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    First, what's story on your black belt event? Are we going to see you in the
    Olympics in 2004?

    In your letter on 010925, see below, you say Traction had the right interface
    for assigning and displaying categories, plus mechanisms for audit trails and
    other important functions. This aligns with Traction's presentation at SRI on
    000413 where the representative, Chris, demonstrated these features. If memory
    serves, we heard that the staff uses the program for daily work designing,
    producing and marketing Traction, however, Chris explained there wasn't enough
    time during the meeting at SRI to show any work product.

    Later on 000414 I believe a letter came over the transom from you recommending
    the OHS/DKR team use Traction because it is the "closest thing to a complete OHS
    with hints of DKR-ness."

    Is there any work product showing this capability, for example to assign
    categories, follow an audit trail on something? We got a few letters from Chris
    following up the demonstration at SRI, but there were no links to work product.
    Yesterday, Eugene provided a location to see work on dialog maps, which you
    described in a letter on 010916. That shows how organizational memory is used
    to carry on the work of the OHS Launch Community. Is there a web site for
    Traction that shows how the meeting on 000413 was handled, or how Traction
    organized an email, or did work on XML, or on developing the category features
    you describe?

    In Eugene's letter on 010917 he proposes experimenting with different solutions,
    as he is doing with dialog maps, and Jack is doing with topic maps. What
    experiments have been done with Traction? Is the Traction category method as
    fast and easy as dialog mapping and topic maps?




    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > Jack Park wrote:
    > > At 07:53 PM 9/24/2001 -0700, Eric wrote:
    > > >Say, yeah!-- Especially that part about having a place to argue.
    > > :__))
    > > >
    > > >It sounds to me like a combination of Traction categories and Topic
    > > >Maps get you pretty far down the road -- but tacking on such stuff
    > > >to a think written in Php is the problem...
    > >
    > > Eric,
    > > How do you map between Traction categories and memes.net categories?
    > > Also, would we really need purple numbers if things are already broken
    > > down
    > > as much as they appear at memes.net?
    > > I'm thinking Java, here.
    > Traction had the right interface for assigning categories and displaying
    > the
    > categories applied to nodes. They also had audit trails to show how
    > categories
    > changed. That makes it good interface model for categorizing things.
    > Topic maps, of course, provide a much more substantive mechanism for
    > actually defining categories, becuase of the richness of the
    > relationships that
    > occur between them. So a Traction-style interface coupled with Topic Map
    > based "categories" (topics), would produce a heckuva a bang for the
    > buck.
    > I'm not familiar with memes.net categories, but got the idea from your
    > message
    > that they were useful, and that you were mentally designing solutions.
    > The
    > Traction-style interface looked like it would be part of a good
    > solution.
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