Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

From: Peter Jones (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2001 - 13:44:06 PST

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    Actually, I note in one of Simon Buckingham Shum's papers in the D3E
    "Negotiating the Construction of Organisational Memories ",
     that the gIBIS implementation notation shown has a mixed +/- icon for an

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    > Hi,
    > I've finally got around to reading some material explaining IBIS. In
    > particular I read this page
    > at
    > A short course on IBIS methodology and its use in the QuestMap
    > implementation.
    > Reading through the materials something struck me as being a bit odd.
    > In the Question-Idea-Argument structure QuestMap appears to require that
    > label an argument as Pro or Con with respective green plus sign and red
    > minus sign before the argument has even been worked out to its full
    > Since the Ideas are supposed to be presented without intrinsic bias this
    > strikes me as rather counter to the spirit of the exercise. Not only that,
    > but I worry (because I'm the worrying kind) about the liminal
    > effects that such blatant symbolism might have upon fair assessment of the
    > weight of arguments for the idea concerned. E.g. If I see many more green
    > plus signs than red minus signs I might assume a subconscious bias that an
    > idea has merit, when in fact a single Con argument might actually be the
    > most important.
    > It would be interesting to hear the views of others on this matter.
    > Am I assuming a practice that the software doesn't actually permit, or
    > QuestMap enforce it?
    > Has anyone had experience of it influencing matters unduly?
    > Also, does Rittel's original formulation of IBIS contain this visual
    > 'loading'?
    > (Off to Google...)
    > Cheers,
    > Peter
    > Peter Jones
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