Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 10:30:10 PST

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    > ...Watch nearly anyone trying to
    > learn to construct, or for that matter, read this type of
    > representation. They will get thrown by the "double work" of not only
    > trying to chop up discourse into nodes and give those nodes types, but
    > also trying to determine what types the links should be; where do the
    > semantics go? Too many choices need to be made. ...

    I have to agree that this a weakness of the system. In effect, it asks
    people to learn algebra in order to do what they normally do, but do it
    better. Symbolic logic was intended as a step in that direction, but it
    failed to capture important nuances in useful ways. Our hope with
    computerized systems is that we can do a better job of making important
    relationships apparent to the beholder (or ourselves, when working on a
    hard problem) but it is not clear that we have the mental cycles to do
    that well, even as the beholder -- much less as the author.

    Fundamentally, we're looking for a good model of collaboratiove design
    and decision
    making, trying to make it function better using automation, with the
    goal of using it to capture the *next* great model. (We have two
    questions therefore. One, what is the best design/discussion model a
    priori, and second, what kind of model can we implement and make useful.
    Combining the two questions gives us: "What is the best model we can
    implement in reasonable time, and use to further our cause".

    > One strategy that, to some degree, gets around this difficulty, is to
    > use Questions as the semantic glue between nodes, but that's a matter
    > for another posting.

    Please follow up on that concept. It feels right, somehow. There was
    some discussion earlier on question-based mechanisms, and I note that my
    design work proceeds as a series of answers to questions, with the
    meta-question always being -- "what questions need to be resolved
    together, and which options answer the most questions", so I'm intrigued
    by this possibility.

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