Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

Date: Mon Nov 05 2001 - 05:28:56 PST

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    I must respectfully disagree with my good friend Simon's statement below.
    Putting semantics in links may be better in an abstract or theoretical
    sense. But in practice, it makes constructing discourse with IBIS (or
    similar frameworks) much more difficult, especially for new initiates. In
    other words, it's harder to do and to learn. Watch nearly anyone trying to
    learn to construct, or for that matter, read this type of representation.
    They will get thrown by the "double work" of not only trying to chop up
    discourse into nodes and give those nodes types, but also trying to
    determine what types the links should be; where do the semantics go? Too
    many choices need to be made. Again, this is more of a human
    factors/affordance problem than it is a problem of determining the "best"
    knowledge representation.

    One strategy that, to some degree, gets around this difficulty, is to use
    Questions as the semantic glue between nodes, but that's a matter for
    another posting.


    This move to explicit Pro and Con node types is different to
    'classic' IBIS (possibly it was a marketing ploy!). It's better to
    load the LINKS with the semantics, leaving the nodes neutral to play
    whatever role between 2 nodes that the links infer.


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