Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 14:39:33 PST

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    Peter Jones wrote:

    > Actually, reading what you've just written Eric, I wonder whether the
    > D3E environment actually comes much closer to something that might be
    > an easier paradigm for untutored folks to get to grips with easily,
    > possibly with a Traction categorising interface applied.

    D3E? I don't recognize the acronym.

    > If you could then drag and drop bits of discussion up and down the
    > hierarchy visually


    > and add comment to anything (or many things together) either as a step
    > in the hierarchy or hyperlinked with any relationship you felt
    > appropriate


    > you could record the arguments (in plain text) and have a
    > record that would approach a more finished, crafted state as it was
    > written.

    yes, yes.

    > Add nesting one discussion in a node within another too, and the
    > capacity to cut and paste (transclude?) from one discussion into
    > another one.

    yes. (cut and paste is a poor-mans transclude -- but it makes you define
    the limits of the material to be transcluded)

    > Sounds like groves.
    > Sounds like OHS/DKR.

    yes. yes.

    > Most folks know the basics of editing too.
    > Point them at the first chapter of Robert C. Solomon's excellent
    > 'Introducing Philosophy' so they know the basics of sound
    > argumentation should they need it (two hours read, plus an hour's
    > practice, at most), and away they go.

    Haven't seen it, but it couldn't hurt. Conklin's excellent introduction
    to IBIS should complete the introduction.

    > Any literature on the effectiveness of an approach like this out
    > there?

    It's hard to imagine there would be, given that such a system has yet to
    be developed. But there are a lot of clever folks who have figured out
    ways to test all kinds of things, so maybe there is some way to go about
    it. Or maybe there are results we can use. I think that some of
    Conklin's results with IBIS, using a structured-outline form for
    arguments, would be quite applicable.

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