Re: Re: Can IBIS be useful for individual/asynchronous collaboration? (was Re: [unrev-II] Visual stimuli & IBIS methodology)

Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 13:35:17 PST

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    One more (and probably the most basic) point on the below --

    The QuestMap-style interface shows relationships. It is all about a highly
    manipulatable and leverageable visualization of how concepts relate to each
    other. There are plenty of other tools that have "better" visualizations of
    relationships (e.g. Inxight, the Brain, etc. etc) but they are not highly
    manipulatable as I'd define that. There are also plenty of tools that are
    highly manipulatable but they don't show and leverage relationships (in
    multiple ways, in multiple contexts, etc.) nearly as well.

    Using this kind of interface in meetings is the best GUI I've found for
    enabling interaction that is expressly concerned with collaborative
    understanding/construction/reconstruction of the relationships between


    Peter Jones wrote:
    "...and that leads me to two fundamental questions.
    1) We are dealing mostly with HCI issues here, in that here human discourse
    is deliberately mediated through the system. So, it seems necessary to pose
    the question now (given all that has passed in the research of this area
    with IBIS and other tools) as to whether IBIS is really the present best
    formalism for enabling this sort of interaction. Discuss."

    Well, "best" is a big word :-)


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