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From: D3E Project (sbs@acm.org)
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 03:29:23 PST

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    Re: Re: Can IBIS be useful for individual/asynchronous

    Thanks to all for the stimulating contributions on this thread. Thought I'd just mention that we are currently hoping to get some funding to explore the use of dialogue mapping to support NetMeeting style events, ie. not asynchronous, but virtual synchronous, with video, audio, shared desktops, and other shared scientific tools and datasets on a high bandwidth grid infrastructure. If we get the funds, there'll be a job going here!

    Such a use of Mifflin wouldn't necessarily mean making it multi-user groupware authoring, indeed, experience emphasises the role of the facilitator. So it might be more a case of Mifflin running on a desktop, shared with others, with optional control passing to others.

    In comparison to the co-present use of dialogue mapping, virtual meetings raise interesting issues to do with screen real estate, and hence shared attention. How will the dynamics change? Given the lower communication bandwidth compared to co-presence, could dialogue mapping actually augment meetings even more than in face to face settings by adding focus?


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