[unrev-II] Hyperbee

From: Alex Shapiro (alex@touchgraph.com)
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 20:35:03 PST

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    Distributed web-crawling, very clever.  If people donate their free CPU cycles to searching for aliens, then they will certainly go for an application that makes for faster web searching.  I am surprised that someone hasn't thought of this sooner. 


    "So what is HyperBee? HyperBee is an attempt to crawl the web faster than ever thought possible. Current search engines can't keep up with the growth of the web and only index about 40% of the pages! HyperBee is a screensaver that runs while you're away from your computer, helping us crawl the web faster than any other search engine can, because we crawl it with your help along with the help of many others!"

    *** And here is more that I serrendipitously found while looking for another search engine that I saw yesterday, (I wish I could find it, it also seemed to deal with distributed searching).

    Found at the bottom of this article comparing Map.net and WebBrain.com (from the same people as TheBrain.com).


    In it's turn found at

    http://www.searchtools.com/info/visualization.html Visualization & Clustering Tools

    When people say "visualization", they mean two things. One is simply to use graphical elements carefully in displaying results of searches. The other is attempting to display the search results graphically, in two or three dimensions, grouped by topic or category. Both approaches are meant to take advantage of the human capacity to process visual information quickly and efficiently. Good visualization should integrate the natural and technical world, use natural intuition, spatial cues and perception.

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