[unrev-II] problems with data retrieval by keyword

From: Alex Shapiro (alex@touchgraph.com)
Date: Wed Nov 07 2001 - 17:18:34 PST

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    The following is a recent post from http://nooface.com , a site dedicated
    to the search for the post PC interface. There are many interesting links
    to be found here, and new ones daily, but the following especially caught
    my attention. The paper proposes is that visualization can resolve
    problems with searches failing because of the differences in jargon used in
    different disciplines.

    Actually, I was more impressed with the abstract then the paper
    itself. Still, I think that this link is a good addition to the posts
    referenced at the top of the page. (I found them by doing searches for
    "vocabulary" and "thesaurus". Luckily, I remembered the posts I was
    looking for mentioned those keywords, however I am sure that there is a lot
    more on the topic that I've missed).

    Here is the link:


    "Thanks to continuously dropping storage costs and web access, users are
    becoming exposed to ever-increasing amounts of data, which is putting
    pressure on the traditional information retrieval model that is usually
    based on data retrieval by keyword search. The problem is that as the
    amount of searchable data soars, the retrieval process can become
    inefficient if the user's vocabulary does not match the index vocabulary
    used by the search process, or the user can not easily constrain a search
    path based on context (for an illustration of the importance of context,
    see this article). This paper makes the case that the context problem can
    be overcome through data visualization, which provides an additional
    dimension for the user to specify their desired context. It then provides a
    brief introduction to the fundamentals of data visualization, followed by
    examples of some leading visualization tools."


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