Re: [unrev-II] problems with data retrieval by keyword

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Nov 08 2001 - 13:59:51 PST

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    Alex Shapiro wrote:

    > Here is the link:
    > " the amount of searchable data soars, the retrieval process can
    > become inefficient if the user's vocabulary does not match the index
    > vocabulary used by the search process, or the user can not easily
    > constrain a search path based on context
    > ... This paper makes the case that the context problem can
    > be overcome through data visualization, which provides an additional
    > dimension for the user to specify their desired context...."

    It certainly sounds pretty good. But since you evaluate the paper as not
    good, let me get your thoughts on a few questions:
      1. vocabulary mismatch and constraint based on context
          -- is that one problem, or two?

      2. If two, I take that no solution is being proposed for the first

      3. In either case, I take it that ability to constrain the search wrt
    (with respect to)
          context means, for example, looking for looking for "shoes" in the
          of "marching" rather than "dance", for example -- and further
          context as pertaining to "marching band" rather than "forced night

       4. You have probably answered this question at length already, but
    now that
           can relate it to a specific problem:
              a) How do data visualization tools help to constrain a search?

              b) Assuming that they do make a difference, aren't they in
    fact doing
                  the kind of automated indexing that would also make
                  restrictions possible?
              c) Is the difference between "data visualization" and
    "automated indexing",
                  then, simply a matter of dynamic, client side indexing
    with visualization
                  tools, vs. relatively static server-side work with
    automated indexing
                  tools? (Graphic presentations aside, of course -- I'm
    assuming that
                  any visual representation is irrelevant for the purposes
    of constraining
                  a search. Or is there some way in which visual
    representation is

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