RE: [unrev-II] Engines for Educators -- an online book

From: Gil Regev (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 08:20:09 PST

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    > I really don't have any problem with "...revolution didn't center
    > around technology..." at all.
    I know you haven't, Jack. My point wasn't a critique of your post but simply
    an attempt to show a revolution in the making with no focus on computers.

    > I don't see teaching as anything but learning facilitation.
    In principle this is exactly what they are trying to do here. They encourage
    the "teachers" not to give answers to the children but to get them to find
    the answers themselves. This is way different than teaching.

    > Members of the local teacher's union strongly disagree with me, which
    interferes with my
    > ability to perform some of my consulting activities, but the school my
    > now attend was founded by one of those union members that strongly
    Here too it doesn't go without resistance. Many teachers and parents are
    opposed to this "new" way.

    > Can you point to any (hopefully English language) documentation on the
    > revolution you describe?
    Before I sent the last message I tried to find some documentation on the Web
    but didn't even find adequate french descriptions. I'll try some more and
    report back.


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