RE: [unrev-II] Engines for Educators -- an online book

From: Gil Regev (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2001 - 08:44:30 PST

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    Jack, Henry, I'm sorry but I've been trying to find a suitable Web
    documentation but all the pages I found until now show some small aspects of
    the program and are highly contextual (and in french). The only address I
    found with some meaningfull content is This
    is the summary of a bigger document containing an assessment of the program.
    The first page gives the objectives. I know it is not enough to get a true
    understanding of this new programme. I will do my best to find better
    documentation next week. By the way, the programme is named EVM which stands
    for Ecole Vaudoise en Mutation.

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      Of course, Jack, of course. An old way of putting it is that a teacher
      taught until the learner has learnt.

      As for your question about documentation, I was going to ask the same
    thing. No
      surprise that Switserland is playing a leading role, with a reputation
    like Jean
      Piaget's to uphold.


      Jack Park wrote:

    > I'll repeat it again: I
    > don't see teaching as anything but learning facilitation. ...
    > Can you point to any (hopefully English language) documentation on the
    > revolution you describe?

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