Re: [unrev-II] A small quiz

From: Henry K van Eyken (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 07:14:21 PST

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    Nice going, Gil!

    As a side issue, I took from my shelf Brad Hill's "Internet Searching
    for Dummies" with copyright date 1998. Discusses pros and cons of
    various search engines. Google does not even appear in the book.

    I wonder how we can keep a DKR up-to-date about searching. I should
    mention here that Fleabyte ought to remain fairly light reading, but
    that this reading ought to be a portal to detail, and the details
    portals to furrther details, etc. A kind of distributed pyramid style.
    As the TinyOS description indicates, all reading ought to have a proper
    story format, no matter how short the story.

    Just chatting for now,


    P.S. I'll come back to that Unrev-II discussion forum. I recognize that
    I probabluy made a false start so have to give it a bit more thought.
    Well, one thing at a time.

    Gil Regev wrote:

    > Technology is at the root of all answers (just joking). Anyway,
    > submitting the first phrase of Henr's description of the device:
    > "event based operating environment designed for use with embedded
    > networked sensors" to google brought 1610 matches. The first is:
    > On this page you can find the
    > following:
    > TinyOS Project Overview
    > TinyOS is an event based operating environment designed for use with
    > embedded networked sensors. It is designed to support the concurrency
    > intensive operations required by networked sensors with minimal
    > hardware requirements.
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