Re: [unrev-II] Bootstrap Alliance changes; new mailing lists

From: Peter P. Yim (
Date: Wed Nov 14 2001 - 11:26:38 PST

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    This is great! Welcome UnRev-III (?) !

    I appreciate my name being mentioned in association with the UnRev-II colloquium, but I was just
    one among many who got that program out.

    To set the record straight, the UnRev-II Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford was actually put together
    by Doug with the support of more than 50 volunteers and 30 guest speakers. See &
    to appreciate who and what was involved.

    However, if particular names should be mentioned, I think the following must be--

      Mary Dye, Christina Engelbart, Jeff Rulifson & Pat Rush -- for coming up with the idea in the
    first place.
      Pierluigi Zappacosta -- who donated his own money and twisted the arms of his friends to get us
    all the funding to do it,
      Marcelo Hoffmann -- who worked out the entire program content with Doug (because if I were the
    producer, then Marcelo would have been the director of the act),
      Paul Marca & Julia Harms and folks at Stanford SCPD -- who defied all obstacles to mount this
    program at Stanford (and, of course, they *were* the real producers, not me), and
      Mary Coppernoll, Shinya Yamada, Frode Hegland and later Henry van Eyken -- who took care of the
    administration, the technology infrastructure and the colloquium website.

    Thank you, Doug, for the inspiration.

    Keep going, BA-CPC!



    Eugene Eric Kim wrote Fri, 09 Nov 2001 15:16:20 -0800 (PST):

    > Dear Bootstrap community, > > Most of you are familiar with Doug Engelbart's life mission: to > improve humanity's collective capability for solving complex, urgent > problems. A few years ago, Doug established the Bootstrap Alliance > (BA) in order to help further his goals. Most recently, Peter Yim > organized and led the 2000 Stanford Colloquium under the umbrella of > BA, for which the unrev-ii mailing list was created. > > Over the past several months, BA has been undergoing several > structural changes in order to make more specific and tangible > progress in setting up a Bootstrap framework: coordinating the work of > those who wish to contribute to extending Doug's legacy, fundraising, > communicating the Bootstrap message, and so on. One significant > change was the establishment of the Core Planning Committee (CPC), > which has inherited the responsibility for BA's operations. > > The CPC consists of Doug, myself, Jack Park, Karen Robbins, and Mei > Lin Fung, who chairs the committee. We have made significant progress > in several areas, and will have a number of announcements to make over > the next few weeks. > > The first announcement is the creation of three new mailing lists: > > > > > BA-ohs-talk will replace the ohs-dev, ohs-talk, and ohs-lc mailing lists > currently on Existing subscribers won't have to do > anything to subscribe; they have been automatically migrated to the > new list. > > BA-unrev-talk will replace this Yahoo Groups mailing list. > Unfortunately, due to some snafus with the Yahoo Groups system, we are > not able to automatically migrate everyone on unrev-ii to the new > list, so all of you will have to join the new list manually. > > Instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing to the new lists, as > well as links to the archives, are at: > > > > These new lists are active immediately. We will expire unrev-ii in a > few weeks. > > Finally, one of the CPC's main goals is to improve the communication > channels between BA and the rest of this community. The energy, > enthusiasm, and commitment of the Bootstrap community is what has kept > this initiative alive, and we hope to build on that. In this vein, we > welcome feedback. Please feel free to e-mail your thoughts, comments, > questions, and ideas to We may not be able to > respond to every e-mail, but we will read and consider all of your > comments carefully. > > Thanks! > > -Eugene > Bootstrap Alliance, Core Planning Committee member

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