Re: [unrev-II] Black Belt test -- Progress

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Nov 20 2001 - 14:50:34 PST

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    Drat. I intended the progress note to go out personally to
    those who replied earlier, so as to limit off-topic traffic on
    this list. Sorry about that.

    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > Hey, Henry. Sorry for putting the kibsosh on
    > your last project. I was going through a rough
    > patch. (Hearing that dozens of folks were
    > actually developing something, after all the
    > time and energy I put into trying to get something
    > off the ground -- well, that didn't really help.)
    > Anyway...
    > The first night of testing was really incredible.
    > It was very demanding, but highly rewarding.
    > I could barely move the next day, and on
    > Monday I was still recovering! At the moment,
    > I'm feeling pretty good.
    > But it's not over yet, either. This weekend, I get to
    > spend a couple of days fasting in the mountains.
    > I get a bit of water, a cup of rice, and an apple.
    > (Black belt testing at Jung SuWon most closely
    > approximates master testing in most other
    > martial arts.)
    > Henry K van Eyken wrote:
    > > I bow with great respect.
    > >
    > > This comes from a former jiujitsu student who broke an arm when
    > going
    > > for a yellow belt against a kid 20 years his junior.
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