Re: [unrev-II] Greetings

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 18:00:14 PST

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    Welcome, Ping! Glad to hear from you.
    I'll have to traverse some of those links when I get a chance.
    I'm sure Jack Park will beat me to it, though, and give us his

    Ka-Ping Yee wrote:

    > Hello, everyone. It's Ping.
    > I was browsing around today and discovered that some projects and
    > interests of mine have been mentioned here. A lot of new projects
    > in the knowledge-organization area seem to have sprung up here and
    > there, though i don't yet have a coherent picture of the landscape.
    > I thought perhaps that joining here would keep me up to date and
    > involved in what's happening. I'm currently at Berkeley, and this
    > area is my planned thesis topic.
    > Here are some tidbits:
    > - Graph visualization has been mentioned here. I recently
    > did a project for an info-viz class that ended up as a paper;
    > it got mentioned on Slashdot (probably due to our choice of
    > Gnutella as an example domain, rather than the graph layout
    > and animation technique that is the real work in the paper).
    > See:
    > - There was a posting about organizing all of the project
    > announcements that people have posted to this list. You
    > may want to check out Roundup. There's no voting feature
    > in the prototype, but that's an important and feasible
    > addition. I did a better design for a new system, but no
    > implementation. Others have started an implementation on
    > SourceForge (but i haven't had time to follow their work).
    > See:
    > See:
    > See:
    > - IBIS has been mentioned a lot. One of my dreams is to build
    > an e-mail archiver that produces output like this:
    > See:
    > - Facets, categories, and metadata were also mentioned. Marti
    > Hearst, my advisor, is also interested in visualization
    > and information retrieval. I'm the core developer on her
    > research project, Flamenco, which is about faceted metadata
    > and how to make it usable. Our team has designed, and i've
    > built, a series of prototypes for an image database browser.
    > It's not ready for prime-time, but if you're curious (and
    > gentle with it), you might want to have a look:
    > See:
    > (Choose "development system", then try "FrankenFacet",
    > "FrankenMatrix", "NewSingleTree", or "Interface 4".)
    > I just played with that Smithsonian exhibit, "Revealing Things".
    > It's pretty cool.
    > -- ?!ng
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