[unrev-II] Greetings

From: Ka-Ping Yee (ping@lfw.org)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 05:34:11 PST

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    Hello, everyone. It's Ping.

    I was browsing around today and discovered that some projects and
    interests of mine have been mentioned here. A lot of new projects
    in the knowledge-organization area seem to have sprung up here and
    there, though i don't yet have a coherent picture of the landscape.

    I thought perhaps that joining here would keep me up to date and
    involved in what's happening. I'm currently at Berkeley, and this
    area is my planned thesis topic.

    Here are some tidbits:

        - Graph visualization has been mentioned here. I recently
          did a project for an info-viz class that ended up as a paper;
          it got mentioned on Slashdot (probably due to our choice of
          Gnutella as an example domain, rather than the graph layout
          and animation technique that is the real work in the paper).
          See: http://bailando.sims.berkeley.edu/infovis.html

        - There was a posting about organizing all of the project
          announcements that people have posted to this list. You
          may want to check out Roundup. There's no voting feature
          in the prototype, but that's an important and feasible
          addition. I did a better design for a new system, but no
          implementation. Others have started an implementation on
          SourceForge (but i haven't had time to follow their work).
          See: http://lfw.org/ping/sc-roundup.html
          See: http://lfw.org/ping/sc-roundup-2.html
          See: http://sf.net/projects/roundup

        - IBIS has been mentioned a lot. One of my dreams is to build
          an e-mail archiver that produces output like this:
          See: http://lfw.org/ping/criticons/

        - Facets, categories, and metadata were also mentioned. Marti
          Hearst, my advisor, is also interested in visualization
          and information retrieval. I'm the core developer on her
          research project, Flamenco, which is about faceted metadata
          and how to make it usable. Our team has designed, and i've
          built, a series of prototypes for an image database browser.
          It's not ready for prime-time, but if you're curious (and
          gentle with it), you might want to have a look:
          See: http://bailando.sims.berkeley.edu/flamenco/
          (Choose "development system", then try "FrankenFacet",
          "FrankenMatrix", "NewSingleTree", or "Interface 4".)

    I just played with that Smithsonian exhibit, "Revealing Things".
    It's pretty cool.

    -- ?!ng

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