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Date: Tue Nov 27 2001 - 08:34:11 PST

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    >You can see demo's of some of my projects at The
    two main examples are right on the main page, and others can be seen by
    clicking the "news" tab. The most
    >interesting one here is the map of weblogs, demonstrating TG's potential
    to depict social networks.

    Social Networks Analysis is a full fledged research area. Searching for
    social networks on google, I found the following:

    From the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA,
    "Network analysis is based on the intuitive notion that these patterns are
    important features of the lives of the individuals who display them. Network
    analysts believe that how an individual lives depends in large part on how
    that individual is tied into the larger web of social connections. Many
    believe, moreover, that the success or failure of societies and
    organizations often depends on the patterning of their internal
    structure...From the outset, the network approach to the study of behavior
    has involved two commitments: (1) it is guided by formal theory organized in
    mathematical terms, and (2) it is grounded in the systematic analysis of
    empirical data"

    The analysis is done using graph calculus and statistical methods.

    The Graphic Imaging Source for Soical Networks Analysis:

    The first link on the above page leads to Visualizing Social Networks:

    A list of software tools for SNA:



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