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"a new way to think about accelerating innovation"

Patty Seybold, President & CEO, Patricia Seybold Group, author of Outside Innovation [Source 2008]

The objective of Engelbart's bootstrapping strategy is equipping those groups that can make the most difference in addressing important challenges with the most effective Collective IQ tools and practices available. The strategy is about how you accelerate the continuous improvement and deployment of those tools and practices into those target end-user groups in the least disruptive, fastest, most effective and enabling way. 1a

So the bootstrapping strategy focuses quite a bit on whoever is advancing the state of the art in the tools and practices that boost Collective IQ, and/or facilitating their deployment and adoption — i.e. the change agents, developers, providers, vendors, consultants, associations, consortia, quality circles, and networked initiatives, all working on some aspect of Collective IQ advancement — and challenges these improvement entities to be rigorous pioneering users of the tools and practices they are deploying. 1b

The Bootstrapping Strategy offers a powerful set of innovation accelerators, including focusing on Collective IQ as a target capability, using what you build to boost your and your customers' Collective IQ (aka bootstrapping), accelerating the co-evolution of enabling tools and best practices within a shared dynamic knowledge environment, while networking into this process those who have a stake in the end results. See also Bootstrapping Innovation Highlights and our How To Guide for Bootstrapping the Innovation. 1c

More on Bootstrapping 2

In it's simplest terms, bootstrapping means use what you build to boost your own effectiveness – it's the expectation that anyone working on an important aspect of boosting our Collective IQ capability will seriously push the envelope through their own experimentatal usage of their work product(s) (see About Bootstrapping). This feeding the gains in Collective IQ advancement back into the business of improving Collective IQ is the essence of bootstrapping — not only innovating the way we work together to solve important problems, but innovating how we innovate the way we work together to solve important problems. 2a

Bootstrapping, while a powerful innovation accelerator in and of itself, is even more powerful as part of the larger Bootstrapping Strategy for boosting our Collective IQ. 2b

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