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Doug Engelbart was a prominent pioneer of the Information Age, whose visionary research beginning in the 1960s and 1970s spawned more breakthrough innovation, repeatedly, than probably any lab of its kind, before or since. His success was rooted in a profound vision for humanity, and in what he considered his most important breakthrough of all – a comprehensive innovation strategy that informed and continuously refined his research agenda.

Now we have assembled some of his key lectures, interviews, and video tributes, and invite you to peruse, sample, study – learn from the man himself, in his own words, how he saw the future, what he thought was so important to pursue, why it's still so important to your organization and society today, a strategic approach for accelerating progress, including the paradigm shifts that will be needed, and where to find the points of greatest leverage to fully realize our highest potential on a global scale (all in the face of rapidly accelerating change, of course). Now you can watch the best of Doug Engelbart presenting his strategic vision and hopes for humanity in a guided tour through his Bootstrap "Paradigm Map". Each video is queued up to begin with the Intro or Overview, and a table of contents is provided so you can sample specific topics.

Since Doug's strategic vision is multi-dimensional, and relational rather than linear, it helps to watch him presenting in multiple contexts for the interplay of concepts to become clear. For more on the presentation format, see Doug's Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" page.

Doug's Big Idea Worth Spreading 2

If we had to pick one for a TED Talk, this would be it.

Lemelson Prize Event (5 min)
Doug summarizes his career and 'unfinished revolution' in his acceptance speech upon receiving the 1997 Lemelson-MIT Prize, which "honors outstanding inventors dedicated to improving our world through technological innovation." CONTENTS: Overview

Mini Documentaries 3

A New Paradigm for Humanity's IQ (6 min)
Summarizing Doug's career, seminal achievements, and 'unfinished revolution', produced in 2013 by the Computer History Museum and Logitech, Inc. in celebration of his life's work. Includes footage from his 1968 demo and a 2002 interview. CONTENTS: Intro | Vision | Initial Funding | 1968 Demo Highlights | Collective IQ | Co-Evolution Frontier | Snowball Effect | Unfinished Revolution
Doug Engelbart's Call to Action (9 min)
A tribute video produced in honor of Doug's 2009 NMC Fellow Award by the New Media Consortium. Using footage from a 2002 interview about Doug's strategic vision, including short clips from the 1968 demo; no slides used but great coverage of key topics, excellent overview or intro to Doug's thinking. CONTENTS: Historic Footage | Intro | Evolving the Human System | Collective Augmentation | Easy as A.B.C. | On Future Technology | Closing Remarks
Visionary Leaders of the Information Age - Doug Engelbart (20 min)
Futurist Marc Doyle interviews Doug Engelbart using slides from his "Paradigm Map"; leads with a brief intro and historic footage (skipped over in this excerpt). Produced 1995 by JCN Educational Network. See Doug's slides. CONTENTS: Intro | Vision | Augmentation System | Bootstrapping the Improvement Process | Collective IQ | Co-Evolution Frontier | Role of Government

Lectures & Management Seminars 4

Here Doug unfolds his strategic vision using his Bootstrap "Paradigm Map", including fifteen 'tiles,' each representing a different paradigm that will need to shift to realize the organization's full potential. Depending on the audience, he spends more or less time on selected topics. For complete slidedeck and navigation instructions, see Slides section of our Bootstrap "Paradigm Map" resources portal.

1. IBM New Paradigms Symposium
Doug presenting at the 1995 IBM Symposium on New Paradigms for Using Computers. This video is a digest of all the speakers, including 4 minutes of edited highlights from Doug's presentation. CONTENTS: Intro (@14:22) | Brief Overview
2. Management Innovation Seminar
Doug presenting with Todd Garrett for his Global Leadership Team at Proctor & Gamble in 1998. CONTENTS: Overview (@25:50) Plus detail on: ABC Model | NICs | Augmentation and Co-Evolution | NICs defined | NICs and Meta-NICs | Advice for CIOs | Q&A | Closing Remarks
3. Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution
Doug with Jeff Rulifson presenting paradigm highlights at the 1998 30th Anniversary Event commemorating their 1968 Demo. Follow along with Doug's slides, and/or full transcript of this session, with visuals. CONTENTS: Intro: Exploding Change (@10:40) | Collective IQ | Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Exploratory Communities (NICs) | Experimental Teams | Frontier Outposts | Jeff on Importance of Pilots | Built-In Scaling Effect | Examples: High-Performance Support Teams | Current Status | Call to Action | Proven Approach? | Q&A | BONUS: Introducing Doug | Introducing Jeff and the Bootstrap Alliance
4. Accelerating Change
Titled Facilitating the Evolution of our Collective IQ - Doug's keynote at the 2004 Conference on Accelerating Change (AC2004), held at Stanford University. Follow along with Doug's slides, Abstract and Conference Website. CONTENTS: Intro (@02:59) | Epiphany | Strategic Objective | Collective IQ | Limiting Paradigms | Capability Infrastructure | Augmentation System | Importance of Paradigms | Augmenting at Scale | Concurrent Evolution | Call to Action | Closing Remarks | Q&A | BONUS: | Key Takeaway #1 | Key Takeaway #2 | Key Takeaway #3 | Marriage Proposal | Spontaneous Applause | On Dimensional Scaling


Watch Doug recap the exponential challenge, the Strategic Approach, the imperative

Watch Patty share "Why I'm Excited"

Watch Jeff stress the importance of pilots and built-in scaling effect, and distill Doug's strategic thinking in actionable terms

5. Together We Can Get There! (90 min)
Strategist/consultant Patty Seybold's in-depth interview with Doug Engelbart on designing high-performance organizations and what it will take to achieve them. Now more relevant than ever. Note: Filmed on the road in a borrowed studio, hence printed slides. Follow along with Doug's slides, slide handouts, follow-on article by Patty Seybold. CONTENTS: Introduction | Target: Objective | Collective IQ | Open Hyperdoc Systems (OHS) | Recap to this Point | Strategic Framework: Whole-System Augmentation | ABCs of Org Improvement | Bootstrap Strategy | C Community | Steps Forward: Putting it all Together | BONUS: Doug’s Odyssey |
KEY TAKEAWAYS: Why I’m excited | Orders of magnitude difference | Collective IQ is strategic | Interoperability at scale | Pro-active End-User Orgs needed | It's a big frontier | Co-evolution is crucial | Improving the way we improve | Bootstrapping multiplier | Strategic Investment | Lift Off - pilot outposts, evolving prototypes, joining forces on the frontier in C Communities
6. Toward High-Performance Organizations
Doug presenting at Groupware'92 his vision and strategic approach for transforming organizations of the future, and the important role he would like to see the groupware community play. Follow along with Doug's slides, handout, and paper for this talk. CONTENTS: Paradigm Map [get yours here] | Importance of Paradigms | Overview | Objective | Capability Infrastructure | Augmentation | Co-Evolution | Most Payoff | Investment Criteria | ABC Model | Recap to this Point | Bootstrapping Strategy | Collective IQ (CoDIAK) | Global Interoperability | OHS | Deployment Targets & "C" Community | Conclusion: Key Takeaway | BONUS: Introductions | Don't Let UI Limit High-Performance Users | Lost Opportunity Cost | Dimensional Scaling | Are You(r) Vendors Committed to High Performance?
7. Augmenting Human Intellect: 35 Years Later
Doug and team co-presenting at a special event marking the 35th anniversary of his seminal 1962 Conceptual Framework, which drove his life's work. Speaking on the vision and what is yet to be accomplished: Jeff Rulifson, Charles Irby, Doug Engelbart. Follow along with Doug's slides. CONTENTS: Jeff: Introductions | Key Topics | Bootstrapping Simplified
Doug: Overview | Objective | Capability Infrastructure | Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Pilot Outposts | Collective IQ | OHS | Deployment Strategy  NICs | BONUS: Dimensional Scaling | Augmenting not Automating | Importance of Paradigms
Charles: Objective | Augmentation | OHS | Impact

8. Vannevar Bush Symposium
Doug presenting at the 1995 Brown/MIT Vannevar Bush Symposium. Follow along with Doug's slides and Abstract for this talk. See event site for more. CONTENTS: Overview (@10:08) Plus detail on: Augmentation | OHS | Co-Evolution

9. 25th ARPANet Anniversary
Doug's Distringuished Lecture presented during the 25th ARPANet anniversary celebrations at BBN (1994). CONTENTS: Overview (@15:14) | Plus detail on: Augmentation | Dimensional Scaling | Augmentation (cont) | Co-Evolution Frontier | Bootstrap Leverage | Collective IQ (CoDIAK) | OHS | NICs | BONUS: Introductions | Preamble | Importance of Paradigms and Conceptual Frameworks

More Lectures 5

10. UC Santa Barbara Keynote
Doug's Keynote Lecture at UCSB Glen Culler Honorary Lecture Event in 1995. CONTENTS: Overview (@53:04) Plus detail on | Augmentation | Co-Evolution | BONUS: Introducing Doug | Honoring Glen | Doug's Historic Legacy
11. IEEE Distinguished Lecture
Doug presenting his IEEE 1993 Computer Pioneer Award Distinguished Lecture. CONTENTS: Overview (@32:44) Plus detail on: Objective | Capability Infrastructure | Augmentation | Tricycle-Bicycle Example | ABC Model | Collective IQ (CoDIAK) | "C" Community | Importance of Paradigms

Detailed Review 6

Engelbart's Colloquium at Stanford - Final Session
Session 10: Doug presents a comprehensive Paradigm Map summary to conclude his 10-week   Colloquium in 2000. See also Doug's Slide Deck, and full Transcript of this session. CONTENTS: Intro/Objective | Collective IQ | Co-Evolution | Capability Infrastructure / Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Most Payoff: Improvement Capability | Improvement Infrastructure (ABC Model) | Collective IQ / CoDIAK | Interoperability | OHS | Deployment Targets | Improvement Community (NICs) | Meta-NIC | National Improvement Infrastructure | Global...? | Appeal | Q&A || BONUS: 'WYSIWYG' | "I know I'm different" and later Typo leads to more re: the Cow | Hoped for Outcome

Deep Dive Intensives 7

1992 Bootstrap Seminar (Sessions 1-12)
Titled Bootstrapping Organizations into the 21st Century, this three-day management seminar predates the interactive Bootstrap Paradigm Map, but goes into much more detail on each of the topics covered by the map. See Overview and Recap: Six Hypotheses for starters. Refer to our 1992 Seminar website for program, binder of slide handouts and readings, and index to sessions videos.
1995 Bootstrap Seminar (Parts 1-2)
Titled Boosting Collective IQ: A Design for Dramatic Improvements in Productivity, Effectiveness and Competitiveness, this informal half-day seminar in a unique small group format (recording quality is poor but the content is excellent, and the audio does improve in Part 2). This was a one of a kind seminar, and we are grateful to have any recording, such as it is. See Overview for starters, and refer to our 1995 Seminar website for contents, companion seminar booklet and more.
Engelbart's Colloquium 2000:
The Unfinished Revolution II (Sessions 1-10)

Doug's most recent symposium covering the same topics in detail, with guest speakers from industry and the public sector discussing how the topics are relevant in their fields of expertise. See our Colloqium website for full program with links to session videos, illustrated transcripts, speakers bios, etc.

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