Celebrating Doug's 99th Birthday 0

photo Doug portrait Doug Engelbart (1925-2013)
[Photo Credit: CRN]

This year let's celebrate his January 30th Birthday week through a 'Doug lens' – revisit­ing some of his epic accom­plish­ments, including, and most importantly, his message to the future (that's you!). Why bother? Check out "Why Listen to Doug Engelbart today?" and/or ponder this timeless quote:

Payoff will come when we make better use of computers to bring communities of people together and to augment the very human skills that people bring to bear on difficult problems.”
– Doug Engelbart

Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Doug's Message to the Future (that's you!)
Here's a quick read written by Doug which featured in the 20th Anniversary issue of BYTE Magazine, "Dreaming of the Future"

Check out Doug's Vision for the Future, and Pivotal Strategy for boot­strap­ping that future, and join Doug in the Engelbart Academy presenting his message to the future to a variety of audiences.

Check out Learn More for short list of links to top picks from the press, and Doug's papers.

Now You Do It!
Learn how you can put those stra­te­gic prin­ci­ples to work Boot­strap­ping Bril­liance in your own ini­tia­tives, teams and organ­i­za­tions.

Doug's Epic Pioneering Firsts
Browse our gallery of Historic Firsts with links to detail on his constellation of interrelated pioneering breakthroughs. And not to brag, rather to get a feel for the breadth of impact from this earlier work, browse his recently enhanced Engelbart Awards Collection.

Bridging Past and Future
Doug Engelbart was always about the future – watch his vision unfold:
• 1962 Augmenting Human Intellect
• 1968 Goals, Strategy, Paradigm
• 1986 Augmented Knowledge Workshop
• 1991 Together We Can Get There!
• 1998 The Unfinished Revolution
• 1998 Bootstrap 'Paradigm Map'
• 2002 Vision Highlights

Doug's 85th Birthday
Check out how we celebrated Doug's 85th birthday, with a big bash at The Tech museum and a stream of heartfelt tributes posted by family, friends, and colleagues.

Selected Quotes

"You have changed my life, Doug. [...] I still can't put into words how much your life and work continue to mean to me, but I won't stop trying." (read more)
– Gardner Campbell, Baylor University

"Dear Doug,
You are the best. You positively changed the way the world works, thinks, and improves. Few achievements have been more significant. As important is the way you developed your innovations..."
(read more)
– Curt Carlson, President & CEO, SRI International

"Doug, on your 85th
birthday, I wanted to let you know how fondly I recall our many conversations in my Logitech office. No matter how far the topic seemed from my day-to-day duties and preoccupations, every time, and I mean every time, I found nuggets in what you said that were relevant, applicable, creative, and inspiring. Your legacy is everywhere at Logitech,..." (read more)

– Guerrino De Luca, Chairman, Logitech International SA