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There is so much available about Doug Engelbart's work -- by him, his team, his colleagues, and the press. Here are a few key pieces to get you started: 1a

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  • Just For Kids - this section of the website is devoted to kids interested in learning more about Doug Engelbart's life and work.
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    Some key concepts coined by Doug Engelbart that you may have heard of: 1g1

  •  Networked Improvement Community (NIC)
  • Collective IQ |  Dynamic Knowledge Repository (DKR) | Augmenting Human Intellect
  • Open Hyperdocument System (OHS Technology Framework)
  • ABC Model of Organizational Improvement | Bootstrap Strategy
  • Human-Tool Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier

    See our Key Concepts Glossary for descriptions and links to further detail. 1g1

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  • Books and Articles - see Books by Doug Engelbart; for articles by him and his team see the and Bibliography (list with complete citation details) and Augmentation Papers (same list, streamlined)
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  • Videos - Videography - links to the video collections of Doug's key talks, presentations, workshops, awards, and conferences available online.
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  • Complete Archives - visit the Engelbart Archive Collection, a portal into his photos, videos, texts, slides, demos, software, press coverage, historic events, stories, and more.
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Here are some alternate views of Doug's conceptual framework created by his colleagues:

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