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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Kartoo

Use "Java Spaces" (with the quotations) as the search term. You should see
an interesting map where the largest node is the site you are interested in.
If you mouse over the site nodes, you'll see a kind of summarization.  If
you go to one of the paths, you'll see the concepts that path is based on.
You can force a concept/term into the search condition by plusing it, you
can include those by minusing them.    (01)

I tried this out by first looking up "Malcolm Dean".  Then I tried it on
"Dennis Hamilton" which found some people that are not me.  So I tried my
nom de bit, "orcmid" and it worked great and much more specifically, because
the term is basically one only I use -- I even was able to trace a
connection to this fellow "Eric Armstrong" not via ba.    (02)

That "orcmid" provided great search narrowing is confirmation of points made
here earlier about search refinement.  It happens that such a term works
because I put it into use and it is presently quite specific to me.    (03)

I have started to use the site along with Google.    (04)

-- orcmid    (05)

Dennis E. Hamilton
tel. +1-206-932-6970
cell +1-206-779-9430
     The Miser Project: http://miser-theory.info    (06)

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This the second recommendation we've had for this. I wish
I could make sense of it.    (08)

I just had a request to find the Java Spaces download on
Sun's site. I put it into Google, and I was right there, right
now.    (09)

For grins, I put the same search into Kartoo. I'm darned if
I know what it gave me back. I couldn't figure out how to
find anything that resembled the download I was looking
for.    (010)

Malcolm Dean wrote:    (011)

> www.kartoo.com
> is an impressive site. Try out a few URLs on it.
> Malcolm Dean    (012)