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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Collaborative Editing / Tracking?

At 01:02 PM 8/20/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>blincoln wrote:
><snip>    (01)

Murry Altheim wrote:    (02)

>Jack has just posted his NexistWiki, and any Wiki would really do. Of
>the many varieties available you'd probably want one with user
>passwords and the ability to export to text (because most Wikis I've
>seen use web pages).
>There's also both StarOffice and OpenOffice (the latter is the open
>source version of the former). These work on multiple platforms and
>are free. The part I'm not sure of is the change-tracking component.
>If you used a Java-based Wiki it probably wouldn't be too hard to
>hook up one of the Java-based CVS tools to it, so that each iteration
>of the document was auto-checked in.    (03)

NexistWiki (http://www.nexist.org/wiki/) does automatic versioning of 
edited paragraphs.  If one document is contained on one page, essentially 
the latest version of each paragraph is displayed.  What NexistWiki does 
not do (yet) is perform a magic export function which gives you the final 
draft of the document.    (04)

For privacy, there is a new feature that resides only on the private home 
page of logged-in users: New Private Doc button. It creates a Document that 
is part of what is now called PrivWiki, and pages marked like that are not 
visible to anyone unless someone publishes the URL, at which time, the 
document is nolonger private.  PrivWiki pages do not show up on 
RecentEdits.  So, with that feature, it is possible to go online and begin 
editing private documents.    (05)

Appropriate Warning: When the database gets dumped to an XML file for 
backup purposes, PrivWiki and private User home pages are now visible, but 
only to the superuser who performed the dump.    (06)

>Not any real solutions perhaps, but some ideas nevertheless...
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