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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Collaborative Editing / Tracking?

By "collaborative", I presume you mean "over the web". Yes?
If so, NexistWiki is the odds-on favorite from all of the options
I've seen.    (01)

For a less interactive approach to revision-tracking, OpenOffice
must surely be able to deal with revision-tracking, mustn't it?
(Or does it simply remove revisions on import?)    (02)

There is also a much smaller and faster Office product, called
ThinkFree, which runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. I don't know
whether it handles revisions, but it could be worth a look.
http://www.thinkfree.com    (03)

Other high-end editors like FrameMaker have that capacity
as well. I don't know of anything open source or shareware
that can do it, though, beyond Office look-alikes.    (04)

blincoln wrote:    (05)

> I realize that I'm either asking the most rudimentary question or
> the most irritating one, but I have failed to find a clear answer in
> my OHS-list archive.
> Is there a current non-microsoft option for collaborative editing
> of simple text files?  Microsoft Word seems to be the current
> stand-out for decent change-tracking software, but I need to be
> able to do this with a group of people who don't all have
> Microsoft Office.  *gasp*
> I know, what sort of stone-age delinquents can't get their hands on a pirate
> copy of Word, but surely.. there is something available that offers
> at least rudimentary multiple-editor support? (When I asked for options
> from 3 different professional associates today, they all offered to give
> me a burned CD of office2k, an amusing commentary on the state of affairs.)
> I know we'd discussed this as a feature that would be highly desireable
> or even key to a good collaboration environment, but as for specific
> options, my memory is blank.
> thanks for reminding me, pointing me at a URL, or telling me when the
> last discussion of this was on the OHS group so I can find it in my
> archives :)
> bcl    (06)