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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Engelbart Interview up on SWITCH

At 09:29 PM 4/10/2003, Mei Lin Fung wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Thanks to Matt Mays and his friends, we have access to the transcript of
>a more recent interview with Doug up on the web.    (01)

The interview, I think, is comprehensive, and valuable. I would like to 
think that it is sufficiently comprehensive that it could become fodder for 
a dialog mapping exercise by this or any other group of individuals who 
want to take it apart and tease out of it the essential Engelbart that it 
conveys.    (02)

 From that dialog map, it is clear that some points which failed to get 
developed in the interview could then be developed further by way of 
additional dialog with Doug himself.    (03)

I particularly liked that automobile example of an abstraction. At the same 
time,  Hechenberger asked "So if we were to be in that kind of network, is 
it a hierarchical organization?", to which Doug replied "That's yet to be 
designed..." Indeed, imho, fodder for a great discussion, best done, I 
think, with the aid of a dialog map. Can a network be designed?    (04)

><snippage/>    (05)

>This issue of SWITCH has an interview with Tim O'Reilly and the work of
>Pierre Levy on Collective Intelligence will be worth a look.
>The new issue of the magazine is at http://switch.sjsu.edu    (06)

The Pierre Levy was, for me, a great read!    (07)

>The transcript of Doug's talk (One of their Invitationals) is at
>Look for the part where Doug is described as an artist, and find out
>about his reaction to that description.
>Mei Lin Fung
>April 10, 2003    (08)

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