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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] ExtremWeb -- p2p grid computing

In the book, Information Retrieval by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier
Ribiero-Neto there is mention of a system called Harvest that uses a
distributed indexing approach to the Web.
I haven't searched for any more info yet though.    (01)

Peter    (02)

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Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] ExtremWeb -- p2p grid computing    (03)

> http://www.lri.fr/~fedak/XtremWeb/introduction.php3
> Open source grid computing.
> I mention this here because I am possessed with notions of finding a way
> index, ontologize, and yadayadayada..the entire Web, at least those
> portions of interest to me and to others who want to play in the same
> Yup.  I know the drill..."Can't be done."  "Not worth the effort."  "Get a
> life!" and so forth.
> So what!
> Imagine a way to share cpu cycles from idle machines all over the world,
> doing keyword searches, then using greenstone to mirror, index, and
> ontologize the sites found.
> Go figure...
> Jack
>    (04)