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[ba-unrev-talk] Introductions

Greetings,    (01)

Just making it known that, upon being invited by Murray Altheim, I have
decided to join the lists, and plan to participate (to some degree) in
any OHS-related discussions and development.    (02)

For those who don't know me, I'm the creator of Apache Xindice.  Xindice
was formerly known as dbXML, and is a native XML database implemented in
Java and distributed under the Apache license.    (03)

I am also very interested in knowledge management, and was in the very
*very* early stages of developing a distributed knowledge data store
called MetaGlom, before I found out that the goals of the OHS project
were very similar to my own.    (04)

You can find more information about Xindice at http://xml.apache.org,
and more information about MetaGlom at http://www.metaglom.com.    (05)

I look forward to working with you.     (06)

Tom Bradford - http://www.tbradford.org
Developer - Apache Xindice (formerly dbXML)
Maintainer - jEdit-Syntax Java Editing Bean
Co-Author - O'Reilly's "Learning Xindice"    (07)