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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] [Fwd: The future of web publishing?]

http://www.parc.xerox.com/istl/projects/sparrow/doc/www7/    (01)

Downloadable for non-commercial, 90 day trial.  Not open source.
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At 01:21 PM 12/19/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>OH yeah...
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>Subject: The future of web publishing?
>** Xerox PARC App Simplifies Web Editing
>Web-based communities can provide a great venue for
>collaboration--but there's nothing great about having a backlog
>of pages for one person to update. Enter Sparrow Web, a Java-
>based program from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center that's in
>beta testing. It's designed to simplify, and democratize, Web-
>based collaboration by allowing all members of a designated
>group to edit Web pages even if they lack HTML skills.
>Sparrow Web's "secret weapon" is a little black triangle, says
>Eric Bier, PARC principal scientist. The icon is used to
>indicate which Web-page sections are editable. When users click
>on the black triangle, a dialog box appears, allowing them to
>edit a paragraph of text, a table of figures, or other
>individual elements of a page. The program's templates take
>care of the formatting, so no worries about whether text should
>be bold or indented. And unlike other Web-editing applications,
>Sparrow Web (the beta version is available for download at
>alphaave.com) makes it possible to edit dynamic pages, not just
>large text blocks.
>PARC's hardware support group has been using Sparrow Web
>internally to track system maintenance since its initial
>creation in '96. But this year, Sparrow Web beta testing began
>in earnest. Search engine Google Inc. began using it in July
>for internal project management, and three school districts in
>California are taking it for a test drive. At Stanford
>University, a graduate engineering class that's working on
>engineering projects for several large auto manufacturers is
>using it for Web collaboration with team members located
>David Cannon, a Stanford mechanical engineering graduate
>student and class coach who led the initial assessment of
>Sparrow Web in September, liked its ease of use. "We were able
>to get the initial pages up in a few days," says Cannon.
>Sparrow Web isn't backed by a database, which simplified the
>set up. "I've worked with database-backed sites before, and
>they require significant upfront planning," he says. Now,
>students are using Web pages more frequently to post project
>updates, instead of relying on E-mail communication. For
>Stanford, it was important to have editable Web pages that were
>more than big text blocks--especially since they're also viewed
>by project sponsors like Ford Motor Co. and Toyota. "We get
>quite a bit of money from sponsor companies," Cannon says. "We
>want to show good results." - Sandra Swanson
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