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[ba-unrev-talk] Public Peace Process

Hi,    (01)

Has anyone on the list read
A Public Peace Process
Harold M. Saunders ?
ISBN: 0312293380    (02)

Many of the deep-rooted human conflicts that seize our attention today
are not ready for formal mediation and negotiation. People do not
negotiate about identity, fear, historic grievance and injustice.
Sustained dialogue provides a space where citizens outside government
can change their conflictual relationships. Governments can negotiate
binding agreements and enforce and implement them, but only citizens can
change human relationships. Governments have long had their tools of
diplomacy mediation, negotiation, force, and allocation of resources.
This work provides citizens outside government with their own instrument
for transforming conflict. The author outlines a systematic approach for
citizens to use in reducing racial, ethnic and other deep-rooted
tensions in their countries, communities and organizations."    (03)

The copy I saw briefly looked good but I would be interested in the
opinions/reviews of others.    (04)

TIA,    (05)

Peter    (06)