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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Where is Kananaskis?

Here is another 'Good One' (ha-ha-ha) on The Republic's slippery slope to
oblivion.    (01)

"-- Federal appeals court (9th Circuit) rules Pledge of Allegiance
unconstitutional because of words 'under God,' according to The Associated
Press."    (02)

These judges are on the fast-track to ambassadors of World Government.    (03)

Besides, they've already done enough good in San Francisco.    (04)

(BTW, The 9th Circuit is the most liberal and the most overturned appeals
court in the country. The three-judge panel was not unanimous in the ruling.
Whew!)    (05)

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> Why are ALL these insidious meta-government meetings sealed-off and
> secret?    (07)

Maybe they are just too boring to be made public
without losing image points.    (08)

Peter    (09)